Why, How and Where to buy a steel coil transport car?

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Coil transport system is used for coiled products shuttle between different places of the factory which is proven rather effective and safe. Cars for horizontal displacement can transfer coil around entire factory for its flexible and operability. PERFECT will design and manufacture the coil handling carts with our customer’s need, typically, the running speed is programmable. The coil car will be able to transport several coils depending on the working conditions. SWL of the coil carts is ranging from 1-300 tons and you can operate radio control, cable pendant or a panel fixed on coil transporter. Moreover, we will mount the V groove according to the coil diameter to avoid any coil displacement.
When we choose a coil handling car, we need to realize what we want to do with such a cart: 
Which kind of materials do we need to transfer?
How many hours do you need the car working in a day?
How about the coil handling cart running speed?
What the moving distance of this coil transporter?
Does the cart on curved rails? Does the car need to steeraing?

steel coil transport car