• Manual material handling trailer
  • Manual material handling trailer
  • Manual material handling trailer

Manual material handling trailer

This kind of feed stock transfer trailer is mainly used in factory, logistics, airport, sea port, warehouse, station for transporting small cargo, chemical, products, mechanics and metallurgical products. This kind of cart has been characteristic as time saving, high secure and labor saving and has been widely applied.


The manual transfer car is driven by manual or other machine. Boosting driven device and traction device is optional for convenience. The trolley is towed by other machine such as tractor, locomotive and forklift, which have been widely applied in the cargo transportation in the airport, sea port, warehouse, train station. Considering the applicability, we install additional tow bar to make it possible towed on both sides. The frame of the trolley is made of steel beam and the table size, load capacity are customized by clients.

Shines of the trailer:
The wheels of the transfer trolley are special manufactured by cast steel and rubber. The rubber will reduce the impact force to the ground from the trolley, and protect the damage to the wheel.
The trolley will be blasting cleaned and antirust treated.
The table has applied pattern plate to increase the friction.
According to the load capacity, the trolley could install spring buffer to protect the trolley.

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