100 Ton mold handling turning transfer bogie

Author:Yolanda    Updatetime:2017-04-24 09:34   

  Our firm produced a 100 Ton material transfer trolley for the customer recently. And this material transfer handling equipment is applied in the automotive die & mold manufacturing transportation by our client. We decide to introduce some information about the BWP series transfer bogie for the purpose that we are always here to provide you with even better products and services as we have done.

Production Introduction:
  The BWP series transfer car can run without steel rail. It is consisted of power source, gear train, steel structure bearing frame, steering gear, running gear, control system and fault diagnosis module. Usually, accumulator is chosen as power source. The current is supplied to the pulling motor through electric control system, which makes the car start, stop, move forward, move backward, turn around and realize other functions. All the cars are equipped with warning alarm and security detection apparatus, and the alarm would ring and the car would stop immediately if there was any obstacle or pedestrian in the running path of the car. Also, we will provide intelligent automatic rapid charger with the car. Positioning fixture, lift platform and other assistive device are optional to meet different demands on various occasions. The PLC is also alternative if it’s necessary.

Production use:
  This kind of transfer cart is mainly applied in assembly line, metallurgy industry, warehouse transport, ship industry, workpiece transport in workshop, lathe transport, steel factory, construction, petroleum industry, energy, chemical industry and railway.

Production advantages:
Running on the cement
360 degree turn
Wireless remote control available
Environment friendly
Battery powered
Welded steel structure
Custom design
Rubber wheel