• Sliding wire power transfer carriage
  • Sliding wire power transfer carriage
  • Sliding wire power transfer carriage

Sliding wire power transfer carriage

The operation system of our transfer carriage is powered by 36V low voltage. The carriage can be mounted with hydraulic lifting system. It has a simple structure, and does not require high-standard rails, which greatly saves construction cost.


The KPC series sliding wire power transfer carriage connects the 380V slide wire directly to the AC control system, which allows the transfer carriage to start, stop, and go forward or backward. As the carriage drives forward, it causes the slider to move. In this way, the slide wire is able to supply power to the 
carriage. The installation location of the slide wire is limited to either between the two rails or in the trough built on the side of the rail. When the wire is laid in the trough, it is better to cover the trough with one single plate in order for driving safety and convenience. The plate is fixed to ground by hinges. When the transfer carriage arrives, the plate can be automatically lifted up by the turnover device installed in the transfer carriage. And in this reversion facility the cable is connected to the current collector of the slide wire. By this way, the electricity is supplied to the transfer carriage and the dropleaves automatic back to in-situ after the carriage transit.
These are the advantages included in using AC power 
transfer carriages:
Low noise level
Safety performance
Easy to drive

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