• Rail system overhaul vehicle
  • Rail system overhaul vehicle
  • Rail system overhaul vehicle

Rail system overhaul vehicle

The railway flaw detection vehicle mainly applied to check out the damage of the rail occurred in the process of the railway vehicles operation. For fear of tragic accidents due to the steel rails breaking, our company had started to study the double tracks running rail detection trolley for scanning steel rails since 2015. Compared with traditional hand-push type steel detection mode and large-scale high speed detection vehicle with portable detector and fixed-point review model, the detecting efficiency of this kind car has been increased by 6 times.


The rail flaw detection vehicle is well developed and manufactured. This kind vehicles use lightweight design, aluminum alloy material. The driving system has passed test such as passing large ramp, small radius curve, complex turnout, other complicated line and rain and snow bad weather. It has never occurred derailed, lost track, slippery slope, lack of power and other issues, which proves that the overall design of the drive system is reasonable, and fully ensure the safety and reliability of detection works. It is one high cost-effective inspection and maintenance solution between current rail detection system.

Shining points

  1. This kind vehicle will design with two sets of lithium batteries, whose rated voltages are 24V and 48V respectively.
  2. The entire car has been carried out with lightweight design of the structure, so it is necessary to analyze the strength of wheels and axles to ensure the safety of vehicles. This case usesANSYS for enhanced analysis and verification, the software is widely used in structural analysis and other aspects of the calibration.
  3. Wheels are aluminum alloy material with ANSYS modeling analysis.

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