Perfect flexible steel coil transfer car

Author:perfte    Updatetime:2016-09-28 10:08   

Perfect flexible Steel coil transfer car

Steel coil transfer car is widely used in the cold and hot rolling steel workshop production line. It’s property  affect the work efficiency and wokers’ safety directly. As the steel coil is heavy and easy to roll , so the safety problem must to be considered in the transport process. In the traditional transport process , steel coil are mostly fixed by guard bars and rope, or transport with the crane directly. But theses transport ways have big safety hazard for the workers and low efficiency.

Base on the case and customer requirement, the research and development  team of Henan Perfect handling Equipment Co.,Ltd researched and developed the steel coil transfer car. The steel coil transfer car is drived by the DC motor , start smoothly and steadily.
The car body is adopt steel girder box structure , no deformation , use angle box wheels , runni ng steady , easy maintenance . The F or K series reducer is low noise . The table is adopt the disassembly V -shape which can fix the steel coil on the cart tightly, make sure the safety transport. The V- shape can adjust which can meet different steel coil diameters in the transport process.