10 tips of work standards for battery powered transfer cart

Author:perfte    Updatetime:2018-01-27 13:58   

There are some key points about battery transfer carts operation specifications which mainly include the following aspects:
1.Start-up speed of carts should not be hasty increased;
2.During cart walking period, the direction switch not allowed to turn avoiding the damage of electrical components and gear;
3.Please note whether the driving system and the steering mechanical is normal, once find abnormal noise, stop immediately and troubleshoot it;
4. Slow down the running speed before transition;
5. The loads weight and driving speed should be reduced appropriately when the battery truck is operating on a rugged surface;
6 .Molten steel pot cannot be too full to avoid hot splashes;
7. Do not overload or specify the weight of the loaded item;
8. Overloading operation is prohibited and please make the material weight certain before loading;
9. Make sure the structure and components have no defect or damage that may affect the safety work before operating.
10. The lighting of the work site should not be too dark to see the surroundings so that the commanding signal is noticeable.

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