Enterprise with non - standard custom electric rail transfer cart

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electric rail transfer cart
The variety, specification, model of electric rail transfer cart, how to buy the most suitable for their own electric rail transfer cart? Customized non-standard, non-conventional products, is undoubtedly the best choice. Henan Perfect handling equipment Co., Ltd. can customize the electric rail transfer cart, for customers to meet the needs of customers. However, the customer is asking the manufacturer to customize the electric rail transfer cart The following parameters need to be determined before:
1. The common transportation lines in the factory are point-to-point transportation, the transportation lines are complicated or the transportation lines are fixed, and they can be effectively connected in series. In the case of point-to-point, high randomness, it is recommended that electric trackless transfer cart, be chosen as a convenient and flexible vehicle to operate in all kinds of road conditions. If the transportation lines of electric rail transfer cart are fixed, customers are advised to choose the rail electric flat car because of the low cost of electric rail transfer cart. Road condition is certain Easy to carry out daily maintenance, spare parts and other maintenance costs are low.
2 the load tonnage of electric rail transfer cart, customers need to weigh their daily cargo and determine the maximum load of electric rail transfer cart, so that electric rail transfer cart manufacturers can choose the best motor of the most suitable power to meet the customers And make sure the cost is right.
3 .The size of the table top of electric rail transfer cart and the quantity of goods transported by the customer can be customized . However , in general , two thirds of the bottom surface of the goods are on the table surface , so that the goods can be secured .
4. Electric rail transfer cart, which has several state-approved design patents and dozens of models, allows customers to first choose their preferred shapes based on pictures of their products. At the same time, the color of electric rail transfer cart can be chosen according to customers' preferences.
5, The special requirements of the working conditions, such as sandblasting room, steel slag room and other high temperature, flammable, easily damaged flat car parts of the special environment, the company can be designed according to different conditions to prevent explosion, high temperature, friction-proof electric rail transfer cart. These are the basic conditions that need to be considered before customizing a flat plate car. The company has customized the electric rail transfer cart, for special occasions for many domestic and foreign customers and has won praise from customers.