brife introduction of silo

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Industrial Bogie

Silo is used to store bulk materials . There are two kinds of silos based on usage, agriculture silo and industry silo. Agriculture silo is used to store granular and powder materials, such as grain, fodder, etc. Industry silo is used to store bulk materials such as coke, cement, salt and sugar.
 One advantage of spiral steel silo is Small space-occupancy and manageability.Industrial Bogie,Spiral steel silo is different from other steel silos. The height and diameter can be selected in a large scale. The minimum distance between two silos is 500mm, so it can make full use of space and diminish the occupation space. It’s convenient for users to manage the silos, because of the high degree of automation with the devices to measure temperature and material level.Its service life is 25-40 years, and the first batch of spiral steel silo is still used properly.

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