The rail-steering electric flat railway turntable

Author:perfte    Updatetime:2019-04-17 09:59   

The rail-steering electric flat turntable is a battery-powered electric flat car, which adopts a DC traction motor, and is equipped with a battery on the electric flat car. The ground has a smart charger matched with the battery, and the whole vehicle supplies power to the brushless DC traction motor by the battery.Through the electrical control device, the DC brushless motor is controlled to advance, retreat, accelerate, decelerate, and the like. Because the rail-steering electric flat turntable does not use cables, it is safe and reliable, not afraid of hot, not afraid of smashing, does not hinder cross-transportation, and is easy to realize remote control and automation. It is very convenient to transport the plant. Suitable for long distance transportation.
Main configuration of rail-steering electric flat car: frame, steering mechanism, motor, reducer, wheel, battery, charger, control box, etc.