railway route of bus bar line transfer cart

Author:admin    Updatetime:2015-11-13 10:39   

There is a project about 20 sets bus bar line transfer cart from Turkey, what we worried about is the running route, regarding bus bar powered transfer cart, the railway route is fixed and limited, running route can not be crossed and for the overlapping running route,it is also limited for two carts in the same railway route. And as we do not know how your 20 sets transfer cart move when working, taLuminum coil rail transfer carhus, we hope you can show us the running route of each transfer cart on drawing, we will check if all routes are possible. If other customers consider to invest the same project as above, we hope you also can show us your railway route details so that we can confirm if it is possible to work for each line.
aLuminum coil rail transfer car